cooking adventures with kohlrabi

For Pesach I bought kohlrabi, hopeful for warm-ish weather and the desire for crunchy vegetables to snack on.

Then it snowed.

So the kohlrabi sat in the fridge the entire holiday.

We always eat kohlrabi raw, but knew someone must cook with it and a hot meal sounded ideal. Yesterday, after some quick searching, I discovered Kohlrabi Risotto from The New York Times.

I’m not a huge fan of making time-consuming recipes on weeknights, but risotto is pretty mindless and I caught up on some reading while I was stirring and adding broth. Yes, I use packaged broth. It’s low sodium and I go through it fast; I’ve yet to be able to figure out a way to keep enough stock in the freezer! Ideal? No. Does it work?




Verdict? This was good, but not overly flavourful and we weren’t quite sure what the kohlrabi added beyond something different to chew. Before I added the rice, I nibbled a few pieces and it had a greater depth of flavour then. I think, however, we’ll keep crunching our kohlrabi raw.