healthy cat

Yesterday Shadow had his annual well-cat exam. He loves his doctor and her staff very much and is always a good boy during the exam, even if he doesn’t like the process of getting there. He didn’t gain much weight in the past year (thank you energetic kitten) so that made everyone happy.


However, Shadow does NOT like the carrier at all. He gives it a wide berth even when it’s just sitting gathering dust. Buddy finds it a nice quiet and dark place to nap so we leave it semi-accessible. Yesterday we thought (yes, it’s a two person job) because Shadow was napping on my desk we could just slip him in, but he would have none of it and trashed my office. (No pic, I cleaned it up, but I now know how to clear my desk off in a hurry!) It only took about 10 minutes this year to extract him from under the bed and dump him in. I’m thankful that he’s healthy and able to be unhappy about it after that emergency visit a few years ago when he let me put him in by myself without any fuss.

We were forgiven and he snuggled close last night as I waited from my eyes to return to normal after visiting the optometrist and having them dilated (why there was no post yesterday, that took longer than I thought).