interior designer

When Buddy grows up, we think he might want to be an interior designer. Why? He’s been rearranging furniture for months now. He seems to be good with it, since moving this cat bed from upstairs (through a cat door) even Shadow wants to curl up in it.

interior designer

How does he do it? We haven’t seen his process for getting large objects through cat doors though we know he succeeds as various large stuffed toys, blankets, and beds have migrated throughout the house without our assistance. We watched him move this bed the other evening and were unable to get a picture (laughing too hard in wonder) but he picks it up in his mouth, turns his head so he doesn’t trip, and drags the bed to where it wants it. He will then adjust it by picking it up in his mouth and sort of pushing with his paws until it’s just right. And of course his koala is brought close for comfort.

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  1. Aww. My cats ignore cat beds and stuffed toys. Ninja has claimed the little bit of my bee keeper’s quilt to be hers. Patches likes sitting on top of plastic bags.

    1. :) Buddy continues to surprise us. Shadow had been very indifferent to this bed (we bought it the week we adopted him 4.5 years ago) … now we find him in it when Buddy isn’t!

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