dreaming of spring

I had planned to post about how my 2014 planner system is working out. Short answer: I still like it and am amazed at how well it’s working, but mother nature had other plans for today.

It snowed again. I know, at this point, that’s not even news, but it was slightly significant for me.

Early this morning it was beautiful with a very light powder falling in large flakes on top of the snow we received last week.


There were also wind gusts of over 30 miles per hour. Once the sky stopped falling, we suited up and started shoveling. The first part went easily, the powder was light and the bottom of the driveway is flat.


Yes, there is a car under there. Somewhere.

Then we encountered multiple challenges. First is where to put all the snow? There were many trips to the bottom of the driveway to toss over the fence into the back yard. As we made progress to the top, we were able to add to the snowbanks on the sides again, but this was difficult for me, as they are very close to being taller than I am!

Then the frozen rain started.

Each shovelful became heavier and the surface was slick. I didn’t fall though so that was good. Shovel by shovel we persevered and made it to the top!


So why is this significant? I’ve been struggling with some neck/back issues and loss of strength again. I’ve been changing my workspace for better ergonomics, and doing the dreaded PT exercises and working with weights.

I’m very happy to state that I did very close to half of the work (aka all of my share of it) without pain. Yes, I’m a little sore now, but I am happy to have been able to do the work.


It is kind of pretty, but I’m very much ready for spring and warmer weather. I miss running in the trails, one year I’ll acquire snowshoes… Spring won’t happen in the next few days though. We could get quite a bit more tonight (or not), and there’s chance of another system this weekend.


We’re at the point in winter when even I am starting to crave color. I hope you and yours are safe, snuggled in, and warm.

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  1. I’ve been hiking in the ice. The deep snow is just as (if not more) challenging. If I could trust Oskar off leash in the woods I would ski. Alas, not this year. Call this another vote for spring getting her sweet self here asap!

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