new good reads become good friends

I love to read, but I really love to reread. Sometimes I want a longer sagas, but some afternoons I just want to pull a good friend off the shelf and curl up with a nice mug of tea. I enjoy finding new titles to add to my favourites shelf. The first title is actually a First Read but I know I will be rereading it often. The second is a book I read over the summer. I enjoyed it even more the second time.

The Carpet PeopleThe Carpet People
by Terry Pratchett

I enjoyed the journey of the Munrungs across the Carpet in this revised update to Pratchett’s 1971 novel. I am sad that I didn’t discover this story as a child, but I’m very thankful that I have read it as an adult. It is a short fun read for adults, but still approachable for most children. Each reader regardless of age will find that rereading results in a new story as personal experiences and growth will add further depth to Pratchett’s play on imagination with subtle word play, humor, and wisdom.

While reading I kept experiencing a sense of wonder and happiness, similar to the joy I feel whenever I pick up The Phantom Tollbooth again. It is a book that becomes richer, finds deeper colours, and more meaning with each read. While it is a book that is fun to read aloud (my husband suffered through my interrupting his reading as I attempted to read passages to him while laughing) there is even more fun when reading by oneself to catch linguistic play and to see the wonderful illustrations. I found myself doodling on pages that didn’t have anything on them…

I know I will be rereading The Carpet People again and am thankful for the review copy I received via Goodreads’s First Reads program.It is a book that belongs on your beloved books shelf. Read an excerpt at

The Ocean at the End of the Lane The other day I reread Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. That’s not quite the truth, this time I listened to it. I found it even more delightful as the author told me the story. Once again I found myself entranced by Gaiman’s magic and masterful story telling. I found hearing it in his voice in my ears instead of my character-voice-in-my-head made it even more special and I may have started listening again immediately after. My thoughts on the story haven’t changed, you can read them here.

Is there a book you’ve recently added to your favourites shelf?