signs of autumn for knitters

Even with an indian summer, knitters know to watch for the change in foliage. Earlier this week our leaves finally began to embrace autumn.. and fall.


Don’t tell this pair from my front walk, but the real party is at the base of the driveway.

The second tried and true sure sign of autumn?

Knitters everywhere are frantically finishing their Rhinebeck Sweaters.

What’s a Rhinebeck Sweater? This weekend is the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY. Since it’s sometimes perfect sweater weather (and it rarely is at Maryland) many try to finish sweaters (or hats or scarves or other knitted, crocheted, woven, or spun items) and wear them proudly.

Want to keep the atmosphere of Rhinebeck near you year-round but don’t want to eat fried pickles every day (even though you can bake them at home)? Gale Zucker is turning her delightful photoshoot sessions of Rhinebeck Style into a book! Ysolda edited together a delightful book of twelve rhinebeck sweater patterns that is being released this weekend (she picked up the books today!).

While I didn’t knit myself a Rhinebeck sweater this year (and I probably won’t be wearing the 2011 edition), I was determined to finish E’s sweater, even if it was black fingering weight cotton. I did. A year and a day after I began with a swatch. Here it is drying this afternoon:


Will he wear it on Sunday? Or the one I knitted for him three years ago? Time will tell.

What are you knitting in celebration of autumn?