he didn’t believe me

Shadow didn’t believe me when I told him I was mailing home my dirty laundry to make room for yarn. He saw the contents of my suitcase when I came home, but I think still believed that there was a way I could have made it all happen without buying a box.

Then the box arrived.


(I pack light. The suitcase is tiny. Even by my standards.)

He’s also really sad that I’m very possessive of this yarn and that he’s not allowed to play with it.

So he stole the half finished mouse end that he somehow found on my desk (you should click that link if you think my office is tidy) and went off to wait for Friday night snuggles.

Mailing everything home was a brilliant plan until my flight was cancelled. It was nice to beat the laundry home, though I do wish I hadn’t sent home a few things in the interest of “well, it’s an extra I have one of those at home”.