future salad

Aah, late June means it’s possible for two consecutive garden posts. Enjoy!

I’m trying to spend as much time as possible outside if the sun is shining. It’s rained so much lately that anytime it’s not, you’ll probably find me trying to get out of my office.

Watching future salad grow is one of my favourite activities (no, not like paint drying, I’m just fascinated by the day-to-day explosion in growth). This tomato plant (that is now taller than I am) is in a new and improved deer/bird-netted container. We’ll see if I’ll actually have one or two tomatoes this year or if the squirrels get there first. The photo is from last Sunday, this afternoon when I looked most all of those other blossoms were showing tiny fruit. YAY!

first tomato

We did enjoy some really nice radishes with dinner the other night. YUM!

How does your garden grow?