our experimental physicist

Shadow loves his cat grass.


Shadow’s cat grass finally grew enough the other day that I moved it to “his” shelf so he could eat some without needing me to hold him. After five minutes I heard a thud, and found this scene …

He wanted to see what would happen..

When he looked up at me it was with an expression of “I just wanted to see what would happen”. So I put it back, but on the shelf he can’t easily reach.

This morning after letting him into the sunroom, I didn’t even get halfway across the living room when I heard a thud. Yes, he had successfully knocked it down from the higher shelf within 15 seconds.

I received that same look. Some days I really want to know what he’s thinking.

Unfortunately this time the container broke a little. He’s fine, but his cat grass needs to wait for me to find a better solution.

He’s a physicist and a digger!