thank you kathreen

PG enjoys her chaiI have no idea how to write words of remembrance for a woman I never met, never spoke to, never directly interacted with, who lived half-a-world away, and whose life (and her husband’s) was tragically cut short.

I knew I wanted to say thank you in some way (beyond contributing for her children), but I didn’t know if my writing anything would be meaningful. I was thankful when Ann and Kay wrote up their idea, this past weekend (coincidently Memorial Day here in the US) would be one of posts celebrating Kathreen and her far reaching influence and inspiration. I’m a bit late in posting this, but I’ve struggled to find a few words. I don’t think these are the right words, but they’ll have to do.

Despite all these nevers and the distance, Kathreen inspired me. Through her website, Whip Up I learned the power of actions, the beauty of dreams, and the importance of sharing knowledge. I can’t recall when I first found her site, but I know I’ve read it for years I would look forward to seeing a new post pop up in my feed reader and I was following the adventures of their road trip with interest. I would save Kathreen’s posts for those times I could savour the words (perhaps this is why). Since learning of Kathreen and Rob’s death, I’ve spent hours and days browsing and following links from here to there and back again. I cannot find one post that speaks loudest to me over any other, even though I’ve linked to a few here that caused me to stop and think. They are all Kathreen. My notebooks are stuffed with new scribbles of ideas and a reminder to slow down.

I can think of no other words but these:

Thank you Kathreen.

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