one more step each day..

Shadow and I have snuggled quite a bit since Monday afternoon. He doesn’t understand why I suddenly scooped him up and scritched his chin because moments before I had told him no and asked him to step away from my keyboard.

For most of this week I’ve retreated from participation in social media or consuming the news since initial reports came in and I heard (safe) responses from friends in Boston. I am thankful though my heart is heavy.

I can’t even begin to process other events. Please, forgive me.

It makes writing here difficult. Again. And Again. And Again. And Again.
(I’m not looking up any others and yes it’s a mix of natural and not.)

So I turn to the words of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

and this quote, one a fellow runner, found and shared:

“Let’s instead do what runners do best. Let’s be strong. Let’s be patient as information comes in. Let’s pace ourselves. Let’s endure. Let’s close the gap and tighten up the pack. Let’s recover together.” ~Kristen Armstrong

Please support One Fund Boston or find other ways to support and make an appointment to donate blood (not right now, next month when donations will be forgotten and needed). Even if you’re not in Boston, please donate blood (or platelets) when and where you can. Please have a thankful heart.

Boston, my heart is with you. My feet run for you.

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