my not so green thumb

I confess, I kill houseplants.

Since our Shadow is a digger and many houseplants I like are toxic to cats, we don’t have much green inside the house.

Last summer after mum came home from her heart health saga, she gifted me with some very special cuttings. I dutifully planted them and put them into our custom shelving unit in the dining area high above my head since aloe is toxic to cats (and dogs). These are special as they come from a plant my grandmother grew!


Now, I know it doesn’t get as much sun as it should in this location and I definitely did not have to fret I over watered. I think I watered this poor cutting three times in the past six months. Last week I realized it had been quite some time since the last watering so I gave it a drink. I think I may have shocked it, the beautiful long tendril finally gave up life this week and I have a new task for Sunday. Repotting.

Are you a killer of houseplants? Do you have to put reminder post-it notes so you water? What’s your favourite non-toxic to pets indoor plant?

That reminds me, I should go check on our bamboo shoot.