five reasons why W(e)WMDfK? is special

I’m excited to be able to finally announce that I have a design in the soon-to-be-released* What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit?, the second volume of the What Would Madame Defarge Knit? book series.

I love this series as the books and designs draw on the spirit of Heather Ordover’s successful Craftlit Podcast by combining classic literature with crafting fun. Further, Heather paired with Shannon Okey‘s Cooperative Press to create a unique and fair compensation model for designers. I will receive royalties instead of just an upfront fee for my design. This is fascinating as it encourages me to be active in promoting the book. I promise to try not to be icky, but I do encourage you to check this book out, I would be recommending even if I wasn’t in it.

keyFive key reasons why I believe W(e)WMDfK? is special, and not just because I have a pattern in it.

  1. W(e)WMDfK? is special because of its designer compensation structure.
  2. W(e)WMDfK? is special because the essays and designs are drawn from characters in classic literature.
  3. W(e)WMDfK? is special because this title continues the tradition of the first volume with beautiful illustrations that accompany the essays and patterns.
  4. W(e)WMDfK? is special because it will continue to be printed in the US.
  5. W(e)WMDfK? is special because this time there are photographs! And they’re in colour!

* When will it be released? Very soon. We’re weaving in the loose ends and double checking everything now.

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Can’t wait? You can pre-order a copy of your very own through Cooperative Press.

You can learn more about my designs at Little Acorn Creations.

Can you guess the book my design is based upon?

Disclaimer: I now count both Crafting A Life, Inc. and Cooperative Press as clients. They were not when I submitted my design proposal.

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