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Today, on the day of resolutions and goals, we will begin with a moment of reflection for over 68,000 pages read. Yes, I met my ambitious reading goal of 212 books in 2012.

Did I review every book with even a handful of words?


What will this new year bring, for reading goals?

I am not setting any arbitrary number this year though I expect I’ll continue to update goodreads. I read voraciously, that is a fact. We own a lot of books, many catalogued and many not. While most are books I have read, there is a very large pile I haven’t yet. I hope to spend time reading more of these in the coming months and to take a few moments to reflect upon and write a few words for each. I also plan to spend more time exploring short stories and essays, often published in magazines and online.

Do you have reading goals for 2013? Did you read more or less than you expected last year?

(Edited to add… After a week I gave in and set 52 books as my reading goal on GoodReads for 2013. Why? The form on their site nagged me. I will try to make at least half of that number books I already own.)

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  1. I’d like to read outside of my comfort zone this year – straight history, for example,instead of historical fiction and biographies.

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