the blank page

While I succeeded in cranking out quite a few words both here and elsewhere last month, I’m staring at the blank page today wondering what to write. I’m using this post as my scribble trick* to get past the vast white page.

While I’m working on writing up book reviews and additional posts about (primarily) knitting and cooking, I’m not sure what else to write about.

My most popular posts for the past few weeks are my reviews on Tom Bihn bags (i have a new bag, are you surprised?, One Year Together, and A Tale of Two Swifts).

Followed closely by of cables and crochet, and sadly there actually isn’t anything useful on that post! So I’m also slowly working on a post about crochet cables.

We haven’t traveled much since purchasing our house. I didn’t get a chance to garden much this summer as caring for family took priority. (mum’s surgeon gave her a very glowing checkup report yesterday!)

Is there something you are curious about? Is there a topic I used to write about on this site and no longer do and you miss it?

Did you know that if you listen to Just the Books podcast (current read: Jane Eyre), you could hear my voice as I offer a Two Minute Tech Tip each week? Do you have a tech question you’d like answered? If so, please feel free to contact me and ask. I can’t promise I’ll answer every question on the podcast, but if there is enough interest, who knows, now that I’m slightly more comfortable behind a microphone, maybe it’ll spin off on its own.

* scribble trick: When I get a new notebook I open it to a random page, turn the notebook upside down and at the inside part of the page I make a small scribble. Then the new notebook isn’t perfect and I’m no longer scared to use it wrong.