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It’s no secret that I read a lot of books. I discover books through many sources, including serendipitous walks through the public library, book stores, or even when organizing my home library.
In order to try to regain control of my lengthy TBR list, I decided to participate again in a reading challenge sponsored by Goodreads. Last year, I challenged myself to 111 books, and I met that goal with ease. This year I decided to create a real challenge, especially since some books I read are much shorter than others. I challenged myself to read 212 books in 2012. It appears that this was a reasonable number, as of this post I need to read just 15 books to reach my goal.

However, I’m stuck. Despite a very long TBR list, more books that I keep meaning to finish than I should admit, and the lure of the library… I’m not sure what these 15 books should be.

Can you recommend a book that you think I need to read?

I’d be thrilled if it’s a book I own or something that’s both on my to-read shelf and available as an epub ebook or mp3 audio book through eNYPL.

If you can convince me to finish any of the books on my nightstand or in the to be read bookcase (both pictured below), that would be marvelous. If so, there may be a handmade surprise for you as a thank you (to be sent in January). Many of these books have been on my nightstand for years (and a few are rereads). I dusted just for this photo.

Thank you.

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  1. Anything David Eddings (preferably whole series in order) on your shelf – I see something, but can’t make out the title. Or Elizabeth Moon – I think I see a few of those. If they’re Petaybee, double please read those and write reviews. (but they look like maybe – oh, I can’t remember her name – something with a P? Paksenarion. I had to give in and google her.)

    Dragonfly Falling looks intriguing. . . and I think I maybe see something Valdemar?

    Something with an interesting spine 8 to the left of the David Eddings. That one.

    I may be close to 10 already? All stuff I’d be happy to read. :-)

    And what’s with all the paperbacks sideways to the camera? I want to borrow your bookshelves and their contents!

    1. Thanks LC! I’ve run into a problem with the Eddings & Moon titles (not the Belgariad, I’ve read the main parts of that series twice) in that these aren’t the first in the series and I’m stuck until I fix it. I should finish Dragonfly Falling before I completely forget everything that happened in the first book.

      Many of the books turned from the camera are ones I liberated from mum’s house last summer. I haven’t shelved them proper yet.

      I am at an Amtrak stop… ;)

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