finished knit: Shalom Cardigan

Also known as my Not a Rhinebeck Sweater.

Due to a scheduling conflict we were unable to head up to Rhinebeck this year. My need for a warm kick-around-about-the-house sweater occurred at about the same time most knitters were frantically attempting to finish their Rhinebeck sweaters. I was looking for something I could toss on over other clothing and in a yarn that wasn’t precious so I didn’t mind if Shadow decided to dig in. I finished it on Rhinebeck Sunday which was nice.

The pattern has been in my to knit queue for years (the pattern was released in 2008). The yarn has lived in the stash for much longer (*cough*2006*cough*).

The circular yoke is fun to knit and I am once again fascinated by purposely twisted stitches.

I wish I had paid more attention to the instructions or reread any of the numerous tips and mods and sat and thought about them a bit before I placed the sleeve caps. But it’s ok. I like this sweater just how it is. I keep pulling it out of the drawer and wearing it.

My only modification is that after wearing it for a bit I added some single crochet to the inside of the neckline and under the arms to tighten up the looseness. My raglan top down cardigans received the same treatment, so I’m not sure if it counts as a true modification or instead is really just part of how I finish this sort of sweater.

Shalom Cardigan
by Meghan McFarlane
my Ravelry project page
Yarn: 520 yards Bernat Country Wool in BarnBoard
Needles: 7.5 mm
Started: 10 October 2012
Finished: 21 October 2012