Visiting Nashville: BookManBookWoman

There is something about the chaos of a used bookstore (the exception is Powells wonderful organization). I love the unexpected — even with computerized inventory you never quite know what you’ll find. When we visit a new city, we try to leave room for a new book or two. We also try to find local independent bookstores, and try to find time for a used bookstore.

We stepped into Nashville’s BookManBookWoman not totally sure what to expect.

I can’t speak for many sections of this extraordinary store… I skimmed through the children’s books, fiction, history, new books, crafts, religion… and then found THE aisle: bookshelf upon bookshelf of double- and triple-stacked sci-fi and fantasy. Books are shelved in rough alphabetical order but beyond that you do not know what gems you may find. There were paperbacks I didn’t even know existed and in the back was quite the selection of anthologies. I didn’t really get a chance to go through everything but did come home with a few titles that I look forward to. It was overwhelming. It was wonderful. I’ve had dreams of this aisle and in the weeks since our visit and think it is the ultimate cross between BookOff, (pre-renovation) Strand Books, and Smith Family Bookstore.

BookManBookWoman is a must-see for any serious book lover.

1713 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN

ps What are you reading in honor of Banned Books Week?