not quite tour de fleece

I’m not officially participating in the Tour de Fleece (2011 link but explains well), but I am trying to not ignore the wheel and spindles for months at a time. Chatter about the tour has inspired me to spin more this past week. So far I’ve cleared out the entire backlog of plying. It wasn’t much, but it was hoarding bobbins. It seemed appropriate to use my bike basket as my kate. Now that bobbins are clear I plan to finish spinning up the braid of lavendersheep superwash merino yvonne gifted me years ago. My other goal is similar to the Yarn Harlot’s.. I want to get my fibre (currently in a 56qt storage bin) down to the point where it fits in one bin of the expedit and gifting away more of the stash might just happen. My deadline is pretty vague too. I’m thinking “end of summer”. ;)

So far I’ve plied up some 50+ yards of the lavendersheep superwash merino and I finally finished 67 metres of Icelandic wool. I still have over half of the merino to spin.