a perfect knit: summer socks for holly golightly

Sometimes the yarn speaks to you and begs you to knit it in a certain way.

Sometimes the pattern begs you to knit it in a certain yarn.

Sometimes what results is a perfect knit.

This happened recently on a test knit.

It started at Maryland. Heather of Craftlit found a delightful yarn — Dragonfly Fibers Super Djinni (Worsted weight, 80% Merino, 10% Nylon, 10% Cashmere).

The colourway Heather chose was bright and just begged to curl up with Breakfast at Tiffany’s and a pedicure.

Pedicures are nice, but if you are like us, they pose a problem. You feet become quite cold. Actually your feet are always cold. Even in the summer.

A design was born … toeless socks in a light lace pattern to allow for a pedicure and a flap to keep your pampered toes warm when you curl up later on the couch.

I made different purchase decisions at Maryland this year so after sorting through my stash, the most obvious choice was a skein of Lion Brand Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft Wool Blend in Igloo. This machine-washable blend (Worsted weight, 65% Acrylic, 35% Wool) was delightful to work with and is even more wonderful to wear.

These socks are knitted in a worsted weight yarn on smaller needles which results in a super cushy fabric that knits up fast. After a few rounds of ribbing at the cuff you transition into a very addictive 4 row pattern for the leg and foot. The heel is a great delight — a Welsh Heel which is fun to knit and fits very well. After you finish the foot and bind off just before your toes, you then pickup and knit a toe flap. Because I was test knitting, I followed Heather’s instructions and knitted it with short rows, but I don’t see why you couldn’t knit it toe-up and kitchener the finished toe flap into place.

What to say. Everything about knitting this pattern was fun. Heather, the tech editor Eleanor, and I worked to make this pattern clear and fun for you to knit and I hope we succeeded. While it’s great to knit, I’ve discovered even greater delight in wearing these socks. I wear them throughout the day while I’m running around the house in flip flops with the flap up. Then when I curl up on the couch with the kitten, a book, or knitting I can close the flap and keep warm. I just have to push the flap back up to slide my shoes back on and off I go again. The yarn blend is soft, not too warm, and so far wearing like iron. My Ravelry Project page includes a few more notes that may be helpful if you chose to knit them, especially if you are impatient.

You can purchase your own copy of the Holly GoLightly pedicure socks ($4) pattern from Ravelry.

(added) If you are interested, Heather is teaching her Sock Heels-a-GoGo course online as three options: the full course of 6 sock heels– Dutch, Welsh, German, French, Sherman, and toe-up with a flap ($65) and two mini courses of that separate out the top-down and toe-up options ($35/each).

Because you’ll ask, toes are Essie Chinchilly and my fingers are Essie Au Natural.