a simple dinner – lemon basil pasta

Spaghetti al limone is a nice summery pasta dish. But what do you do if you don’t quite have all the traditional ingredients?

This adventure began humbly with one lone lemon, garlic, and gluten-free spaghetti. After returning from the garden with a large handful of basil, I pulled out my beloved Flavor Bible and set to work. I began to assemble a mise en place of additional ingredients while waiting for the pasta to cook.

I am trying to limit the heavy dairy and knew we didn’t have cream of any sort. I did have almond-coconut milk and that pairs decently with lemon. I know that I should and could easily make my own almond milk but I keep forgetting to buy cheesecloth to strain it. I’m impressed that for once I actually remembered to zest the lemon before I cut it in half to juice! Once the garlic was saut

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  1. Yum! We have a prolific lemon Tree, so lemon pasta is a favorite of mine. This sounds perfect for summer over the cream based recipes I usually make!

  2. Is that one third cup olive oil? I see what looks like a code of some sort with frac13 in it.

    1. Yes, approximately 1/3. Most modern web browsers should display the fraction (the character entity) properly.

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