shawl storage, my current solution

Several months ago I requested advice about storing my handknit shawls. Thank you for the comments and private emails.

After looking at many solutions, I realized I needed to build it myself.

So we did. It ended up We because four hands made hanging them straight much easier.


I took a thick dowel, sanded it smooth, and secured one end into a simple frame (I love our drill press) and affixed it to the wall. I attached a second support to the wall about halfway across that the dowel rests on so it can be lifted. The theory is that if desired I could slide cowls all the way in. The reality is that I just fold most items over the bar. It’s nice to have the choice.

This solution is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it’s definitely an improvement. I’m not sure what will change in the next version.

Next, I need to create a better system to store my hats and mitts. While I would love to use the wooden bowl my father turned many years ago, only the hats fit and I tided them up for this photo. I’ll think of something. For the mitts I’ve been thinking of an inkle-woven band affixed to the wall vertically with small clips to hold the cuffs, a vertical clothesline of sorts. I just need to find time to weave and make it!

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  1. I have mini clip stuffed animals on a rope (6mm?) with a hook at the top that is caught on a nail, or the curtain rod, I forget. Maybe something similar would work for your mitts – rope or twinse may not be as pretty as a woven band, but maybe quicker as a version 1 while you weave? I like the shawl solution.

  2. I use a canvas shoe storage hanger in my closet so it is near when I am putting together my wardrobe for the day.

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