littlerest, a pattern

Perhaps you remember my 30 for 30 project?

In knitting all the hats, I realized that in doing it my way there was a pattern I could write up and release to you.

While the pattern has been in the wild for a while, I am pleased to introduce to readers at PenguinGirl, littlerest. It is free and may be knitted for donation to charity events.

Please do not sell this pattern in any form or sell items knitted from this pattern.

The etymology of the pattern name is a very personal one and as I explained it to a friend, I discovered a pun that no one in my family had recognized before. It set my mother to giggling for a good 15 minutes since it’s quite true.

My father was the skinny little brother. He was known as little to my Uncle Big.

When my mom and dad got together, it was quite obvious my mother was littler.

During one memorable magic summer of my childhood–somewhere on the road between Iowa and the land of ten thousand lakes, I decided that I had to be little-er-est as I was definitely the smallest. I don’t think any of us wrote it down at the time. Upon naming this pattern, I simplified and came up with littlerest.

Now something you should know about me… after my 98 days in NICU, my parents brought me home, and I was the most delightful infant. I slept through that whole first night. However, someone scheduled a 9am Growth Clinic visit for me the very next morning. In order to get to the appointment on time, my mother had to wake me up. I was very unhappy about that and from then on perfected my habit of cat napping around the clock.

The crochet sweater featured in the photos is a sweater I wore. There weren’t many preemie patterns available in the late 70s, so it is my understanding a close family friend crocheted a doll sweater for me.