spinning a yarn

I love to watch a braid of fibre ..

antique preppy fibre

twist through my fingers into singles ..

antique preppy singles

and turn into a beautiful two ply yarn.

antique preppyFibre: Polworth
Colourway: Antique Preppy
Hand dyed by: Limonene Designs
Wheel: Spinolution Bee (first edition)
Ratio (singles/plying): 7.5:1 (both)
Singles direction spun: Z
Number of plies: 2
Plied direction spun: S
Plied wraps per inch: 12-14
Plied yardage: approximately 200 yards
Yarn classification: light worsted (ish)

I love that I can still anticipate the wonder as it is knitted or woven into something unique and special.

Soon. Soon.