ping’s book signing adventures

Ping had the good fortune to attend several book signings over the past few months and to take a knitting class (our second knitting class ever). He’s annoyed that I’m sometimes so concerned about him and imposing on the authors and teachers (and holding up the queue) that I don’t pay attention to whatever camera I’m using and the photos come out blurry. I’ve possibly posted these before (why should I read my own archives?), but today he asked me to write up a small montage.

That little penguin loves the spot light!

All Wound Up: The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin Still running on the fumes from a very delightful Rhinebeck, we went to Park Slope to hear Stephanie read from her book at her first stop on her book tour. We’re still kicking ourselves for not bringing a coffee (and chocolate) survival kit and hope that she’s forgiven us. We’d also like to wish her a happy 8th blogiversary.

Craft Activism: Ideas and Projects Powered by the New Community of Handmade and How You Can Do It Yourself Oh there was so much fun to be had that night at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio for Gale and Joan to talk about how this book came about and all the many delightful things that they unfortunately had to leave out. My greatest apologies for the terrible camera phone photo. This talk inspired me to pickup my 30for30 preemie hat project again and in late December I made a small contribution to Pat Pat’s Hats and the Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital.

It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons We burnt many calories laughing with Franklin at his talk Impractical Magic: Oddities and Curiosities of Nineteenth-Century Handwork at The Lion Brand Yarn Studio in early December. I’m not sure if the blurriness is I was laughing too hard and deprived of oxygen (and kindness to Franklin) I didn’t turn on the flash or my hand was covering the sensors (yet Again) but let’s just say this is Franklin and Ping as seen through a veil. Ping loves Franklin now as he is forever immortalised in my knitting notebook as a much taller and slender penguin.

Textured Stitches: Knitted Sweaters and Accessories with Smart Details Ping is a science and technology geek. Who could blame the little guy. It’s endlessly fascinating. When he found out that Connie has a PhD in Physics he was after me to sign up to listen to her first ever book talk. It was a delightful evening learning of the inspiration for the designs in the book and to touch many of them. She and I have a mutual love for buttons and finer weight yarns. If Ping lets me process the photos I took I’ll share some of the buttons that really make these projects something special. Ping loves how she uses “penny weight” yarns to create a greater canvas for stitch and texture exploration.

Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques & Patterns for One-of-a-Kind Socks Knit. Sock. Love. Ping had loads of fun and inspiration during class with Cookie A at The Lion Brand Yarn Studio. We laughed, we spoke of our love of graph paper, we talked maths, we talked four colour theorem, we thumbed through such a vast array of stitch dictionaries that our heads are still full of excitement and want to swatch.all.the.things and we played with creating our own stitch patterns. Ping is very thankful that Cookie took a few moments before being whisked away in her cab to pose with him and to sign my knitting notebook. What inspires him more is she had taught throughout VK Live that weekend and had already taught a class at the Studio earlier in the afternoon. He wants me to have energy like that.

Ping hopes that you enjoyed his recent book signing and knitting class adventures. He hopes he has inspired you to attend a book talk — and if you do, please buy the book at the store. Please don’t buy it online unless it’s directly from the author if self-published or from the publisher if small-press published.