piled progress & plan

A very small subsection of my reading list looks like this:

todo list, piled edition

In addition to that pile is the pile on my night stand, the pile that fell off my night stand, and the bookcase. Yes. a bookcase full of to-be-read books. it’s not the largest or smallest of bookcases, but it’s this size, with an extra shelf. That doesn’t count all the reading I have electronically either.

But I also have some progress. The shawl I’m knitting for myself since it’s January and ignoring that I did not knit anyone a gift in December, I’m being selfish anyway. I’m now halfway done with a very delightful shawl, I’m pleased with my yarn selection, I’m loving knitting the design, I’m thankful to be busy but I just want to knit it all day long.

Catenary progress, halfway!

A plan. I’m tired of tossing up posts because it’s a Tuesday (I mostly gave up on two posts a week). I’m saddened that because I felt compelled to post on certain days and didn’t schedule enough time for other writing, I thus missed out on explaining really important topics and potentially giving the impression I’m silent when I’m definitely not. I will try to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays and maybe other days of the week, but I am not going to promise. It’s not going to be every week, or maybe it will be. I want to publish content that is polished and (I hope) useful and hopefully educational in some way. This post not withstanding.

Kitten photos. I will try to post these weekly but ever since he lost his collar (somewhere in the house) he’s been even more interested in the camera when it’s turned on and I’m less able to get clear photos. I’ll try.

If you miss following weekly-ish progress reports and want to follow what I’m reading, I keep GoodReads pretty current. If you want to see some of what I’m knitting follow flickr or click on the names on the right to my Ravelry projects, I try to make sure project pages are public. (Note, as of this post’s date, I hadn’t cleaned up the theme so you only see the sidebar of Ravelry projects from the main page). If you want to see what is inspiring me in some way, is making my mouth water, or is a random reference I want to keep for later, I’m using Pinterest more. I’m also posting some of the odds-and-ends websites and things I find to my tumblr page. There is also twitter, google plus, and facebook, but I don’t often follow those streams rivers in a timely fashion.

Don’t forget, you can buy a small little something for your heart or home from the shop!

Yes, a topic I want to write about is my view of the changing role of the personal blog and custom websites in today’s diverse social media and profile driven landscape.