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Many cowls, mitts, and hats have been knitted and I’m working out the pattern kinks before I send the set out for tech editing. I hope to begin releasing in (gasp) January. Dearest knitter, with that special skein of yarn you’ve saved as a treat you’ll be able to reward yourself for the many gifts that were knitted for this holiday season. Ok knitter, back to work! The rest of this post is for friends of the knitter. ;)

Dear friend of a knitter, I cannot give as well thought out and curated a list of gift ideas as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, but I offer the following list of items that may be somewhat easy to acquire at this late date:

  • Sticky notes, flags, etc. Bonus if you can find the elusive roll of tape. Knitters and post-it notes go well together. I’ve written about this in the past. You do not have to get the brand name product. I got my roll of sticky note tape at Muji since I couldn’t acquire it elsewhere without having to pay shipping.
  • Ziploc bags. I’m a fan of quart and gallon sized. Yes, your knitter has lots of bags. These are for stash storage. Your knitter keeps their yarn out in baskets because it looks pretty? Edu-ma-cate yourself on bugs and have a discussions with your knitter about what could happen to the stash. Plastic zipper bags are not the be-all and promised answer of a bug free stash, but they could help mitigate damages.
  • highlighter tape. I have a hard time finding this, but it is useful in a myriad of settings.
  • a coupon book that you made to include items such as assistance for month of _____ winding 3 skeins of yarn greater than 200 yards, bringing home pizza for dinner because the (example) sock must have its heel tonight, free pass to go over budget on one skein of yarn, offer to drive to destination so knitter can knit, etc.
  • a gift certificate to the knitter’s favourite local yarn shop.
  • a gift certificate for audiobooks, or quietly download and load favourites from Librivox or Podiobooks. If the selection at Audible is too much, consider a gift to a podcast your knitter enjoys, such as CraftLit, PodCastle, Escape Pod, Clarkesworld Magazine, or many other publications that are out there.
  • a donation to Heifer International. While a Knitter’s Gift Basket sounds right up your knitter’s alley, I highly suggest giving a gift that can be used where most needed. There is also always MSF, info about the knittery connection is here.

Next week look for my review of The Knitter’s Life List by Gwen W. Steege. Any knitter, I believe, would enjoy this book. It’s more than the title would lead you to think was in its 320 pages. With beautiful photography you can enjoy too!

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