progress, in a way.

I’ve been knitting lots and lots, but there isn’t much to show. I guess one can call it progress if I’m picky enough to rip out what isn’t quite right and re do it. Even if what isn’t quite right is almost 105 yards of yummy yarn (colour 17, Winter Lake). Going to try again with smaller needles and paying attention to my initial setup rounds.

Why is it progress? Because it went from almost a ball of yarn knitted:

not quite, pre-rip

back to this:

not quite, but full of possibility

Which is full of possibility and opportunity. I love knitting for the re-dos it often allows us. Sewing fabric isn’t so kind and forgiving once you cut.

well behaved catI also need to thank Sir Shadow for not chasing any of the yarn while I was ripping, for leaving the very nice long circular alone, and for guarding the light box and checking all the lights while I was doing what I needed to.