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At some-point a few weeks ago, I surpassed my goal of reading 111 books this year. I’m well past 112 as of the drafting of this post, but I haven’t had time to update GoodReads yet.

I have lots of reviews to write up. It’s difficult because writing reviews takes away from my reading time.

Mistwood (Mistwood, #1)Nightspell (Mistwood, #2)While speaking of reviews, there will be a Special Post on Sunday 11 December 2011 as part of a Book Tour for Nightspell by Leah Cypess. I’ll finally post my review of both her books, Mistwood and Nightspell. If you comment on that post, you will be entered to win a one-of-a-kind annotated copy of Mistwood. I’m jealous. I’m such a lover of marginalia even if I’ve mostly broken myself of the habit so that I don’t make the mistake of writing in a library book!

If that’s not incentive enough, I will be hosting a smaller giveaway of my own. I have some bookmarks and other goodies (from my shop [coming really soon!]) that are growing into a small package I think any book lover would enjoy and should hopefully put Levenger to shame.

In other news, I’m minutes from being caught up on podcasts and starting to worry freak out. I am on the hold list for various audiobooks from my library. I’d like to add to my list of story-based podcasts. I listen to many that won’t be listed here (the knitting specific ones, such as Cast On, Knit Circus, Ready Set Knit, etc), but am looking for ones similar to the list below. Can you add to my list? I love short science fiction and fantasy. I want to listen to more stories at least about 20 minutes in length but ranging from 20 to up to 90 minutes.

My main list of story/literature podcasts, in alphabetical order, includes:
Clarksworld Magazine
Escape Pod
Pod Castle
Spider on the Web

Can you help?

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  1. I’m pretty sure I listen to the same podcasts as you do. I can only add NPR shows to the list. However, I recently found that you can subscribe to whole books on Librivox like a podcast. They have lots and lots of books. I have been listening to the Scarlet Pimpernel and have really enjoyed it so far. It might be a good filler in case you run out of podcasts to listen to.

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