post-it happiness

Post-its and knitters go together quite well. The best documentation of this partnership can be found in the writings of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee in Faster than a speeding frog, The Way We Roll, and Priorities.

Sara recently introduced me to the post-it roll. Yesterday afternoon after a bout of amnesia* I went on a quest of NYC office supply stores to find a roll of my own.

I didn’t find a roll to call my own, but I found this instead:

post-it in grid

Post-it® Super Sticky 4″ x 6″ Grid Notes. Sorry for the big-box office supply store link. I seem unable to find them on the brand’s website.

Can you imagine if the two products were combined into a roll of grid post-it with a pale colour background? That would be the most perfect post-it for my knitting.

* I somehow forgot that schools and colleges are starting up again. It wasn’t as painful as I anticipated once I remembered the academic calendar. For that I am truly grateful.

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  1. Love it. Those YH posts are some of my favorite. And I *need* that post-it roll. Perfect for lace charts or colorwork!

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