again? already? quick review and a garden surprise.

It’s all for good reasons that I haven’t had extra time to draft or edit my posts recently but I am always sad when I miss a scheduled posting day. Thus I’m tossing quality to the wind and letting quantity take over. It’s late (for me) on Monday night and I’m sitting at my desk drafting this post still a bit surprised that it is Monday, again, already. And that Monday, again, already is almost over. So, to end my day with something crossed off the to-do list, I’m scribbling this when I should be in bed (sleep? what’s sleep?).

Somehow I expect come morning after it is automagically published, I’ll believe that I sleep blogged which is silly, since Shadow has shown improved typing skills.

This shabbat, I accomplished my goal of re-reading Mistwood and enjoying for the first time Nightspell, two fantasy young adult novels penned by Leah Cypess. There were a few parts of Nightspell I didn’t see coming and I enjoyed it all the more for that. Both books are well thought and written. I recommend and will review them up proper soon.

I’ve been checking the garden every day. My tomato count still remains about the same and my cucumbers are growing up a storm. I’ve been counting more blossoms setting every day. Imagine my surprise today when I went to photograph proof of a small sampling and hiding beneath a leaf I found this!

i grewed food!

There is a trip to the store for mason jars in my near future. I am not limiting myself to produce from my garden, anything fresh may find itself frozen or in a jar for later. I hoarded last summer’s corn until well past March. Sunday found me baking two loaves of zucchini bread for E (one went directly into the freezer) and grating and blanching more green market zucchini which I put up ready in amounts for more quick bread this winter. To be different, I used Jodie’s zucchini bread recipe and E says it’s really good! For the curious, you can substitute the flour with 1c all purpose, 1 c whole wheat, and 1 c gluten-free mix and according to the picky-eater E, it’ll turn out nice and yummy. It was an unplanned substitution since I ran out of AP flour and didn’t want to go completely whole wheat.