language lessons

Shadow is not idle during these warm summer days. He spends hours watching his feathered friends and can now chirp at length with them.

I don’t really understand what they say to each other. The other afternoon while I was in the back garden counting what was left of the tomatoes, I believe I heard a robin confirm with the black squirrel that the kitty just liked to talk. The kitty wasn’t planning on enjoying them as snack. Robin bobbed a thank you and flew back into view of Shadow and their conversation moved too fast for me to follow.

Shadow is more talkative to us too. We understand a good deal of it, we hope, but the other night he went on at length for about five minutes and neither E nor I could make heads or tails of it. I think it was either about the paving work the city did on our cul-de-sac or about how annoyed he is that I haven’t been free enough to tidy my office desk and getting to his window perch is becoming quite the obstacle course.

What do you think he and the Robin spoke of?