randoms that bring happiness

I finished my socks on schedule yesterday afternoon. They fit perfectly and there is plenty of yarn to make another pair. :D

I actually made it to the Union Square Green Market, therefore, Wednesday dinner was local summer squash, some late season scapes, and pasta.

I also brought home lots of peas.

There are still a good number of growing and ripening tomatoes in my little garden and blossoms on my … er … at least I thought I planted cucumbers. Maybe they’re squashes? I forget. I don’t care. I grew blossoms for something!

Health of my friends and family continues to mostly improve all around and good thoughts are still greatly appreciated, especially for those going into and out of hospitals for various reasons. May all have a complete and speedy recovery.

A broccoli treehouse, how cool is that?

I’m not sure this exactly brings happiness per se but stories on trains almost always make me smile: Amazing trains that were never built (found via boing boing)

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  1. I like the socks. I think I have a skein of sock yarn in similar shades. I should do something with it. . . .

    Broccoli treehouse is TOO cute – there’s a reason my kids call broccoli “trees”.

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