Last week was a very difficult week. This week is looking healthier and more positive for all. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated by all my friends and family.

I tried to keep knitting most of the projects currently on the needles, however, by Friday I knew I needed something somewhat instant on the gratification list, and definitely mindless and simple on the complexity list.

Using my small foot size as a rational for selfishness, I cast on a a pair of socks for myself using self striping yarn. I turned the heels yesterday. I should have these finished by Wednesday, they will be a short sock, only about an inch or so more of leg followed by a ribbed cuff of an inch or less.

knitted socks (in progress) June 2011

Kitten paw for scale. He’s a bit sad this pair isn’t for him, but I will have yarn leftover.

Then it’s back to some pattern wrangling.

Again, thank you for your continued support. It is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Eh, I don’t think Mr. Shadow would be so happy with socks ON his paws.

    More good wishes for a healthy week for all. I’m currently working on some afghan squares (garter stitch, worked on the diagonal). Those are definitely mindless, but the long center rows are tedious. Your socks look much more fun.

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