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Sarah's CaseI went and got myself contacts yesterday afternoon instead of revising the post I had planned for today, or doing most other items on my to-do list..

I haven’t worn contacts since 1997, well, except for the expired pair I wore to my wedding in ’05. But I’m not four eyed in most posted portraits, you say. I know. I’m holding my glasses out of the frame.

Contact lens technology for astigmatic eyes has advanced since I first poked my eyes 18 years ago; what makes me even happier is that my eyes have improved greatly since I hit my late 20s. Not many 31-year-olds get to stop wearing bifocals or find themselves in a weaker prescription.

Now I look a little more like my profile photos and I need to find a pair of sunglasses.

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  1. Hurrah for contacts! Like you, my eyes have improved with age. I only need to wear glasses for reading now, and only when I’m doing a lot of reading. It’s nice not to have to carry my driving glasses with me!

  2. Yay!
    And – it’s nice to see Sarah’s case again!

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