finished: a shrug

Mix together sinus torture, rainy weather, and several projects that don’t seem to end and you find a creating funk.

Despite this I managed to finish off a project a few weeks ago, weave in all the ends, and mail it off to its recipient before she out grew it. Even more surprising is that I remembered to take a photo of it before I sealed the box.

warm waters shrugPearl Shrug
by Kristen Rengren
from Vintage Baby Knits
Ravelry Project Page
Yarn: Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 3/2 in Dark Teal
Needles: 3.25mm

I fell hard for the Vintage Baby Knits book when it came out. I made plans to knit most everything in it for all my friends and then the book sat. I knit other things. A dear friend had a little girl a few months ago and she lives down south where it’s warmer year round and I knew my standby sweaters and hats wouldn’t find much use. I pulled out this pattern and the cotton and decided to give it a go. The construction is a bit fun if quite fussy. I do not like picking up stitches at all. Even when I utilized the divide and conquer technique it took me a few tries to get the right count. I prefer seamless technique so I didn’t do the sleeves as written either. I still really like the book for ideas and pattern starting points even if I won’t follow the instructions.