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clogsI like to look put together but spending a lot of time, money, and effort on my wardrobe thing is not something I care to do. I’d rather put that all of that toward something else.

I’m not a formal participant in Project 333, but I have taken many of its principles (thanks to Beverly for writing of them) and introduced the simplicity into my life. I do not have a traditional uniform I put on every day but I’ve simplified the lines and colour range and no longer feel apologetic (to my mother) that I dress in the style and colours that I do. Furthermore, I rock outlets, discount, and thrift stores; they are the only stores I enjoy shopping in. There is uncertainty and challenge when I visit, but that’s a post for another day.

However, if an item is well made and something that is classic in style (not that I think I am capable of wearing anything else), I have no problem paying for it. I don’t want my clothing to wear out after a few months!

In 2008 I bought my first pair of Sanita Clogs. I paid full retail price at a store in the city for them and think they were worth every cent. I loved them and it showed.

I purchased a size 35, the smallest standard women’s size you can find in shops, if you are lucky. In the US most stores only start stocking women’s shoes at a size 6 (US) or 36 (Euro). I can wear a 35 if I have thick socks on.

About a year ago, I discovered The Clog Outlet, an online shop offering slightly imperfect clogs for much lower prices. A bonus for me is that they offer shoes in children’s sizes. I ordered a size 34 when I bought my next pair. These fit better, however there was one pretty critical flaw since I wear them to walk 3+ miles every day; I learned the hard way what wooden soles mean. Today I find them perfect for gardening and do not regret the purchase but I reverted back to wearing my well loved and worn shoes for everyday.

For the past few months I have needed to polish my beloved clogs every other day to keep them presentable. Last week I decided enough was and I ordered a new pair.

Since we are approaching warmer weather, in theory, I don’t always want to wear big socks I took a further change to my black clog line-up when I placed the order.

I went down to the kid’s size of 33.

They fit perfect. I’ve been wearing them around the house this afternoon and am very pleased with my choice. I think they will stretch in time but by the time they stretch out, it will be colder again and I won’t mind putting on the thicker socks. I also think that they feel lighter, not because they are smaller and therefore weigh less, but because they fit well my feet are much happier.

They are a Factory second item, but I can’t tell what’s wrong.

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  1. I wear Sanitas too – the Mary Jane style for me. I have the opposite sizing problem – I have big, wide feet and (oddly enough) needed a 42 (about US11) in their open-backed style! Not easy to find. Fortunately, while it does require serious breaking in, a 41 (about US10, my usual size) works fine with the closed backs.

    They are most assuredly, for those of us they suit, life-changing shoes and worth every dime. Considering how hard I am on shoes, it’s also a good thing they last forever.

  2. I’m glad they work for you. I tried a pair, shocked and happy to see that Zappos carried my size (35), but they did not work for my feet.

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