hello may

Wow. The time away from this site flew by. In many ways I missed the constant posting, but I also was even busier than I imagined — all very good busy — so it was a smart plan on my part to take the break.

What changes will there be in the pretty month of May here at the Penguin Girl’s Nest?

I plan to post with words twice a week and with a photo every Friday — it may or may not be of Shadow.

What does that mean? Here’s my current plan:

I will write about books or fibre-related things once a week. Meaning this week I’ll post about books I’ve read and next week will most likely be about something I’ve knitted. It will be on Tuesdays. Maybe I’ll post about books two weeks in a row, maybe I’ll write about knitting this week and weaving adventures the following week. Time will tell.

The second word-filled post of the week, on Thursdays, will be something that’s been in the to-post queue for eons or something of interest I feel the extreme need to share. It could be about gluten-free vegetarian adventures, gardening, travel tips, or anything else that strikes my fancy.

I hope this relaxed schedule keeps me writing (a goal of this site) and gives me the additional time to write posts I am proud of, instead of tossing up whatever my fingers type as soon as they stop.

I hope you had a pleasant spring holiday season and that May sun shines warmly on you.