delay… so a question to ask

My evening train home was very much delayed, having to go two miles out of its way to bypass a train with mechanical difficulties.

Even though I had a laptop with over ¾ of its battery in my wonderful bag I chose not to type up the reviews I had planned for today. I can’t knit and type at the same time. (If you’ve seen the wired mic/hands-free device for my phone, please let it know I would like it to come back to me.)

Thus my questions:

  • Do you care which day of the week I post what? (monday=books, tuesday=cooking, wednesday=fibre/creating/crafting, thursday=travel/misc, friday=kitten)
  • Do you like detailed reviews or lists?
  • Do you like when I group books together if they are similar or when I just post what I read last week?
  • Would you rather I just posted all of my reading thoughts on GoodReads and LibraryThing?
  • Anything else you would care to let me know about how I do book review scribbles?

I’ve been reading lots (of course) and walked through a big box bookstore this afternoon because I was early for an appointment. I was very good, though I expect my wish lists (amazon and powells) will grow quite a bit from my little excursion.

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One Reply to “delay… so a question to ask”

  1. If I could keep track of which day to expect what, I might care for consistency. As it is, I’m not organized to remember what *I’m* up to, let alone someone who doesn’t even live in my house.

    And I like the book reviews as you read them, regardless of genre/subject/etc. Otherwise I might not read them all.

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