two pairs of spring mitts

The minute my crocuses broke through I knew I wanted nice happy green spring mitts.

I pulled out the brightest greenest skein from my stash and cast on. It’s a very beautiful yarn, dyed by Yvonne of Lavendersheep, but it was too bright for me (the colour is kiwi).

I sent a certain teabird a sample and she fell in love with it.

So I finished them off, wove in the ends, and posted the envelope. If I had known it would arrive to her the very next day I might have bothered to take another day to block them. The cuff motif is from BWT, book 2, medallion. It looked less wheel-like and more flower-like in the book. Again, maybe I should block. ;)

Spring Mitts, still need blocking Spring Mitts, progress

I thought they went quite quickly, no toes or heels to change stitch counts for. I knitted them on 2.5mm needles. Ravelry Project Page

I have a commission to knit a long pair of fingerless mitts for a good friend. She can’t wear wool, so I special ordered some Comfy Fingering to knit these for her. Since I had not worked with this yarn base before, I picked up two balls of Comfy Sport in Jalapeno green so I could get an idea how this yarn behaved. I started these Saturday night and finished them today, on my afternoon commute. I really should work in this super bulky sport weight more often.

These used only 36 grams of yarn, or about 98 yards and are knitted on 2.75mm (US 2) needles. They fit perfectly. Ravelry Project Page

My Spring Green Mitts My Spring Green Mitts

Both pairs are my own recipe, and are top down. Can you spot what isn’t quite right about either pair? On Melanie’s, I completely forgot to do any decreasing for the cuff. My pair has some, three to four rounds after I should have done it but not enough to decrease to a snugger cuff. That’s what I get for knitting on the train before coffee. It’s ok. Both pairs are wearable and I know my pair is very comfortable — I have them on right now.

I also can state that even with a tripod and timer it is impossible for me to figure out the right angle to take decent photos of my hands and what I’ve knit for them.

What are you making to welcome spring? I’m craving green in everything, especially since March is ending with another attempt at a wintry mix, at least here on the Sound Shore.

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  1. What am I making? Baby sweaters. No one warned me that they are addictive. #1 was a minor failure, but that’s my fault for using heavier weight yarn and a larger needle – and then using the wrong set of numbers when I cast on. Size 4T isn’t *awful*, but definitely not a baby size.

    I’m almost done with baby size sweater #2, and I’m ready to try out some other patterns. Free acrylic yarn (someone else’s old stash) is best, but $6-9 for materials sounds exciting.

    What do you think of the Comfy? Cotton-acrylic and washable is tempting. (whoops – no yarn purchases until *after* yom tov – and then DH will make me wait until the next one passes as well.)

    1. There will be a full review of the Comfy once I abuse these mitts for a week or two and they get an all expenses paid trip through the washer & dryer. I love Cotton-Ease so the Sport weight experience was the best of Cotton-Ease in a more Penny-happy weight. This morning I cast on the Fingering weight Comfy and I am in heaven. So far, it is a delight to work with. I’ve only worn the mitts for one day so all I can say is “so far, so good.”

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