catching up

I will not dwell on why I missed many classic books in my reading career, I will just keep plugging away at the list. Today I will attempt to summarize two children’s classics.

I recently finished The Borrowers by Mary Norton and Matilda by Roald Dahl.

The Borrowers (The Borrowers, #1)Melanie suggested The Borrowers to me and while I was aware of the premise, I admit I thought it was a completely different book. Probably because I merged several other stories into one, The Littles by John Peterson and none-other-than Stuart Little! Hah! The Borrowers won the Carnegie Medal in 1952. As I continue to think back on the story (I finished it several weeks ago) more and more of it is sticking in my head and making me think about it. I think I will continue reading this series and will try to write something coherent when I finish all five books. Thank you Melanie!

I want to read more of the books that earned this librarian nominated medal. You can find a full list of previous winners at the CILIP website.

Matilda I also recently read Matilda by Roald Dahl. This reading was sparked by this unshelved cartoon. I believed I missed this one because by 1988 I would have dismissed this volume as “too small” to warrant my time. I giggled my way through it and even attempted the Hebrew version. My Hebrew is still at the Dr Seuss level so E had to help me through the first chapter. Matilda seemed different to me from Dahl’s other books though I’m not sure yet why. I am rereading/listening to his other books and hope to figure out why that is. One sign that I really enjoyed it is I find myself wondering what Matilda is up to after these stories end.

Don’t worry, no matter what comes of my thoughts of characters after I finish the published story, I won’t ever ever make you listen to any filk (mostly because I tend to scribble short stories).