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alpaca socksI wear wool socks in July. It took me until this very cold, long winter to realize that means plain wool socks don’t cut it for me in December, January, or February any more.

As soon as a pair of 2mm needles freed up I cast on for a new pair in Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca Fine. I purchased the yarn last July, intending to make a shawl, but socks work too.

I used Cat Borhdi’s footprint instructions again since E’s socks were such a success. Why did I stop knitting socks this way for a while? I know they’ll fit and they allow for socks to be as mindless or as intricate as I desire.

alpaca socks progressI am absolutely in love with the yarn. The Peat Mix colourway is perfect and the yarn was soft and warm to knit with and the finished socks are even more delightful than I thought possible. It’s been tempting to wear them almost every day since I finished them because I love them so much.

The most fascinating thing with this project was to discover this pair of socks used 50g, a ½ skein! I see another pair in my near future, though I have this crazy hope to finish my sprössling sweater before Pesach on top of everything else.

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