of gods and godlings

Combine heavy rains, the last day of the month, and a full todo list and what do you find? Monday. Today is behaving like a Monday but I’m able to carve out of a few moments to scribble and post this. I missed last week but would like to try to clear out some of the items on the to scribble about list.

Sunday evening I finished David Eddings’ The Mallorean Series.

Guardians of the West (The Malloreon, #1) King of the Murgos (The Malloreon, #2) Demon Lord of Karanda (The Malloreon, #3) Sorceress of Darshiva (The Malloreon, #4) The Seeress of Kell (The Malloreon, #5)

These books are set in the same world as The Belgarian and takes place after. What I enjoyed was how it didn’t matter that I barely remember reading that series, but that it added and enriched that experience. I would give this series 4 stars.

I am no longer going to be apologetic for those books I consume as audio books. It’s not the same as reading, but since I listen to audio books only at times when I’d be reading anyway (such as on my commute) or to let me read and combine something I enjoy (such as spinning fibre), I’m now counting audio books as books.

The Broken Kingdoms (The Inheritance Trilogy, #2)The Broken Kingdoms
by N.K. Jemisin

With The Broken Kingdoms N.K. Jemisin continues to showcase her story telling in the world she introduced with The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and does not disappoint. While most of the characters are new to the reader the land is the same and the problems introduced are well.. godlings shouldn’t die right?

oh i give up. it’s quite hard to review this series without introducing spoilers. go read it. go read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms if you haven’t yet! It’s been nominated for a Nebula. Go!

I have also linked my GoodReads account with this site so in theory future book reviews will appear here with less intervention on my part. We’ll see how it works. I have a backlog so I will probably manually group books together until I clear it, but I won’t know that I don’t like it until I try.

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2 Replies to “of gods and godlings”

  1. Audio books ARE books. Period. Someone is just being very nice and reading them to you like your mommy used to.

    Seriously, these days I seem to absorb more from audio books than from those in print. Probably because the reader reads every word and I tend to skip over some when I read a print book.

  2. I am another Penny who likes audio books.

    I also used to feel apologetic/defensive about listening to audio books and I would always feel the need to reiterate that I read books as well. But now I’m trying harder to cultivate audio book pride. So good on you for counting audio books because I think they do count.

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