time to make tidy

It must be in the air. The need to tidy needles that is. Last Friday I got annoyed at my dpn and steel hook collection and reorganized the lot.
The container is from Muji and I bought it when we moved. It is the PP Make Box 1/2 – Half with Partition. The biggest change I made was one that may make some gasp and others groan. My steel hooks (which are tiny and quite sharp) and now pointy-side-down in the box. That means they don’t stab me and are unable to catch on my sleeve and drop to the floor if I reach over the box.

I also recently picked up more pencil pouches with the clear front at the 99¢ store to add to my needle binder. I also swapped from a nice-but-impractical-for-me soft cover binder to a hard covered one.

I see I am not alone.

The Harlot did it
TurtleGirl did it

Are you doing it too?

Now I’ve confessed as well. These are not all my needles and hooks, but the ones that have been found and cornered and asked to behave.

organizing needles and hooks
organizing needles and hooks organizing needles

They should.

Because thanks to Franklin, I want a set of these carbon fiber dpns in each size from 1.25mm to 2.5mm in four inch length.

Why am I writing about this today?

Shadow has been very kneady and snuggly all afternoon (unless he was asleep) and this is about all the time I have to type.

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  1. Kneady AND needy, I take it. You should ask him to help you bake instead of kneading YOU :-)

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