warped inklette
Please welcome Teabird‘s new Inklette. She lent her to me to glue together, give some tlc, and play with for a bit. While I like my inkle, beanstalk is big and makes playing with different warps a bit less frequent than I’d like at this stage of my growth. I hope that the shorter warp length allows me to try different warps and techniques and remain inspired instead of frustrated with what’s on the simple loom. Who knows, once the workshop warms up I might build a smaller sized inkle for myself.

I’ve had her over a month and she’s patiently waited for me to get my threads out for some warping. I finally did so on Monday and warped with a plan to practice a certain pickup technique, or at least I thought I was. Two pages of my wonderful reference book, Inkle Weaving by Helene Bress stuck together when I was researching technique and appropriate warp. I inadvertently warped for a different type of pickup than I intended and it took a night’s sleep to sort out my befuddlement. It’s ok. I want to try that kind too and, in any case, I need lots of practice on my selvedges. I just hope something useful for Miss Teabird comes of this warping, since it is a lot of pink. ;)

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  1. Aha! So *that’s* what those white threads were.

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