readings and readings and no writings

I still need to finish the reviews on these books. There are drafts scattered all over my office. My reading has felt very unfocused lately even if there is always a good solid dose of fantasy to keep me sane.

Sometime before the snow melts, I hope to finish my reviews on the following books. I might even try to group some together when I post and finish a few others I had to return unfinished to the library in order to write more balanced reviews and studies in connections and contrasts. I know I’m missing quite a few, a week or two without posting here has me feeling disorganized.

Have you finished a book lately you can’t wait to share? I’m always looking to add to my reading list.

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  1. Just finished “Great Expectation.” It was, surprisingly, a very good read. Now on to Tess of the D’urbervilles.

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