I didn’t get a chance to finish revising yesterday’s book reviews as I left the draft on the dining table when I left the house early in the morning. I came home long past my bedtime because I attended my first ever knitting class. It was at the i-don’t-have-words-to-say-how-wonderful Lion Brand Yarn Studio. The class was on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s EPS method for knitting sweaters. As it was taught by none other than her daughter Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen it was so much more. When my brain processes more of last night and this endless thought of “I spoke to Meg! Meg Swansen!” calms to a quieter roar, I’ll try to write up something coherent and try not to go completely fan girl on you.

No matter what your field or level of expertise, if you can take a class with a master do it. If that master is also brilliant teacher, all will (and should) come away much richer for the experience.

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