identify it

The weather of deep winter has not been kind for me to take photos of some recently finished items.

The weather of deep winter has me daydreaming of sun.

The weather of deep winter has me trying something completely random.

Please identify this:


It’s an uncontest, but I know any guesses will keep me in smiles and when the weather turns more favourable and I feel like torturing my mail man (he is a really nice guy) I’ll most likely send out a package of something to the one that makes me giggle and smile the most. The weather forecast for the next few days has me looking at one-way tickets to somewhere warm.

Next week I’ll reveal what it is. That I’ve posted this on Wednesday is a huge hint.

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2 Replies to “identify it”

  1. I’ll check out the Wednesday hint shortly, but it looks like an ideal cat toy to me. Hasn’t Shadow claimed it yet, whatever it is?

  2. let’s see. . . too few strands for macrame yarn, too many for an octopus, . . .

    Is “it” and not “they/them” actually the most appropriate pronoun? That implies the “tops” are in fact one connected something.

    Low tied fringe?

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