for a change: some spinning

Lapis progressI’ve been spinning a bit more again. I have a new friend to help me out with it. She still needs to tell me her true name, but mademoiselle abeille and I are becoming de bonnes amies. Don’t worry my good friend isn’t lonely, a friendly and slender miss victoria is enjoying tea with her on a daily basis.

I haven’t forgotten my spindles and need to wind off and decide how I want to finish what is currently filling them. Then I’ll start filling them again.

yarn Teabird delivered the wheel with a batt of bfl mixed with sari silk so that is what we got to know each other with. I can’t say I really enjoyed this mix, but I enjoyed every moment of spinning. I finished it in two different ways. One bobbin was chain plied to create a mock three ply and the other is a simple two ply. There isn’t very much true yarn and I’m going to stay mum on how it will be used. It knows I have plans for it.

Fun plans.

Since then, I’ve been slowly spinning up the fibre that’s pictured in the bobbin at the top of this post. Have you been to Dave’s shop Cabin Cove Mercantile? He dyes beautifully and ships super quickly. You can get the stunning Compass Collection, ombre dyes, or delightful spinning fibres.

p.s. please feel free to correct my french grammar, is it des bonnes amies or a unique de bonnes amies? My gut says de my brain wants des. My french books are not within hand-grab distance.

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  1. It’s so good to hear from friends! Miss Victoria is whispering that her name is “Maud,” without the “e,” which makes me think of Anne with the “e,” and that’s a good thing. It’s not definite…

    Maybe next time we visit, you can teach me and Maud how to do the chain ply? We’d both enjoy that.

    1. of course i’ll show you. we’ll practice with some regular yarn first, i found that easy until i ‘got’ it. :)

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