missed, yet offering thanks

I missed yesterday’s post because I was running around the Garment District gathering this and that and performing research. I’ll torture you and leave it at that. Oh and I went to Habu because their annual sale started. I kept within my strict budget, but it was difficult not to try to buy one of everything.

After returning home, it took longer to defrost than I planned. But there was one part of me that was perfectly warm.

I would just like to take a short moment to thank my Rose Red in Grey hat. It kept me nice and toasty without over heating and through magic also blocked wind into my ears. If you want to knit one, you can buy the Rose Red pattern from Ysolda here.

The yarn I used is (Remember, no official affiliation between the company and me) Lion Brand, LB Collection Baby Alpaca. I only used one ball! The LB collection is available only at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio or online (see link above).

I finished this about a year ago and wear it outside whenever the temperature drops. I wear hats hard; while it is fulling a little bit, I’m still really happy and in love with it.

The running joke at the studio is I want to make myself an alpaca ball pit to play in. I love this stuff. I’m probably going to knit myself a nose warmer out of my scraps. I loves me some alpaca.

Rav project page with more knitterly details.

No, I still haven’t gotten better pictures.

Rose Red in Grey